Hope for an alternative to Ultima Online

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by PKFloid, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. PKFloid

    PKFloid New Member


    I watched some of your dev streams and I just want to say, that I loved UO and your concepts!
    For me, Garadom Online seems to be the best alternative to Ultima Online nowadays!

    Please give me the good old Ultima Online times back ...

    Greetings to Lady Immortal. Can't wait for the next stream :D

  2. Sci

    Sci 2D-Artist Staff Member

    Hello Floid!

    Greetings to you, and thanks for tuning into my stream. I'm super glad that you are liking the concepts for
    Garadom Online so far! We have a lot of hope and aspirations for the development of the game. Hearing feedback
    like this, definitely motivates me to continue making art and work harder to bring Garadom Online to life. I don't
    recognize your user, but please say Hi to me next time I stream that way I know who you are. ;)

  3. PKFloid

    PKFloid New Member

    Hey Sci,

    I'm not yet registered on Twitch.
    But I will change that :)
  4. Sci

    Sci 2D-Artist Staff Member

    Hiya, :rolleyes:

    And cool I'll be waiting for that hello B)

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